Blonde Formulations from Anita

Anita Gutierrez,

Clairol Professional Lead Color Master

Professional blonding is an art form that can bring you great artistic satisfaction. There are 2 ways to achieve beautiful blondes, depending on how much lift you need to achieve the blonde you want. Choose the process that will get you there—single- or double-process blonding.

Lift 5 Levels with Single-Process High-Lift Blonde Shades

  • Use on Natural Level 5 or higher for best results.
  • On Levels 5 – 7, choose a shade with an Ash base to avoid any brassiness.
  • Choose Clairol Professional liquicolor permanente for bottle application with liquid color:
    • 12N/HL-N high lift neutral blonde
    • 12A/HL-V high lift cool blonde
    • 12AA-B/HLB high lift ultra cool blonde blue
    • 12AA-BV high lift ultra cool blonde blue violet
    • 12G/HL-G high lift golden blonde
  • Choose Clairol Professional premium créme permanente for bowl-and-brush application with crème color:
    • 12N high lift neutral blonde
    • 12A high lift cool blonde
    • 12GN high lift gold neutral blonde
    • 12G high lift golden blonde

Blonde Formulations from Anita

Lift More Than 5 Levels with Double-Process Blonding

  • Pre-lighten brown hair to a yellow- to pale-yellow stage using Clairol Professional 7th Stage liquid lightener (which contains blueing agents to avoid brassiness). To control lightening speed, add Activators.
  • Tone the pre-lightened hair to a final blonde shade using Clairol Professional premium crème demi permanente. Contains no ammonia, so it’s gentle on pre-lightened hair.

Additional Advice

If client’s natural hair color is:Create this blonde:
Blonde to gray/white Any shade, from golden to pale
Dark to light blonde Warm shades, like wheat, honey, apricot, copper
Dark to light brown Amber, golden, copper highlights
RedPale blonde highlights
Very dark brown to black Warm mahogany
If client’s skin tone is: These blonde tones are best
Pink Neutral ash tones; avoid yellow blonde
Creamy white/ivory Any blonde tone
Yellow Cool tones with blue notes (no gold)
Pale pink with freckles Blonde shades will not be flattering
Olive Dark base color with lowlights
Black Warm mahogany

Blonde Hair Color Techniques

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