Brunette Formulations from Anita

Anita Gutierrez,

Clairol Professional Lead Color Master

What can be more beautiful than a deep, rich, lustrous brunette hair color? Try this formulating tip for all your brunette clients: Just add 1/2 oz. of a neutral-based shade to your brunette formula. You'll eliminate brassy tones, cover pesky grays, and maintain rich shine!

Choosing Permanent Brunette Shades

Easy choice: Stay within 1 to 2 Levels of your client's natural color; a little lighter is flattering to most people.

  • Lighten or brighten with a color 1 to 2 Levels lighter.
  • For warm highlights, choose warm red or gold shades.
  • To tone down red or gold highlights, choose cool or ash shades.
  • To transform gray into highlights, choose a color 2 or 3 shades lighter than client's natural color.

Keeping Brunettes Gorgeous

If brassy tones creep in, from roots to ends, neutralize them with this demi color formula:

  • 1 Clairol Professional premium crème demi permanente 4A Light Cool Brown
  • 1 Clairol Professional premium crème demi permanente 6A Dark Cool Blonde
  • 2 Clairol Professional premium crème demi permanente dedicated developer

Every time you retouch and refresh, these simple tips keep brunettes rich and shiny:

  • Don't skimp on color! Saturate the hair thoroughly.
  • Don't skimp on time! Leave color on for full processing time.
  • For relaxed or permed hair, leave color on just 7-8 minutes.
  • For resistant gray hair, leave color on an additional 10 minutes.

Brunette Hair Color Techniques

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