crème permanente

dedicated developers

Formulated for use with crème permanente and demi permanente formulas, these dedicated developers provide superior viscosity and create optimal bowl-and-brush application.

crème permanente developer

  • To match or deepen color, use 10-volume crème permanente developer.
  • To cover more than 30% gray, use at least 20-volume.
  • To lighten natural hair color Levels 4-10 (Light Brown - Lightest Blonde):
    • 1 Level
    • 10 Volume
    • 2 Levels
    • 20 Volume
    • 3 Levels
    • 30 Volume
    • 4 Levels
    • 40 Volume
    • 5 Levels
    • Double 40* Volume (When mixed with high-lift blondes)
  • To lighten natural hair color Levels 1-3 (Black - Medium Brown):
    • 1 Level
    • 20 Volume
    • 2 Levels
    • 30 Volume
    • 3 Levels
    • 40* Volume
    • NOTE: For additional lift, formulate 1-2 Levels lighter than the desired Level.

crème permanente demi permanente developer
Create a deposit-only formula by mixing with equal parts crème demi permanente hair color. Will not lighten and covers up to 50% gray.

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Premium Crème Developer from Clairol Professional
Premium crème hair color and developer from Clairol Professional.

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Learn how to formulate crème permanente hair color using the dedicated developer.

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*40-volume developer is not recommended for relaxed or permed hair
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