Clairol Professional HOT CHOCOLATE Technique


Adriana loves her naturally dark hair, but she wants to add shine and rich contrast. The Hot Chocolate technique will create warm, caramel highlights while giving an all-over gloss effect.

Clairol Professional HOT CHOCOLATE Technique


Formula A
Clairol Professional FLARE™ in 5BB
+ 30-volume FLARE™ Developer
Formula B
Clairol Professional FLARE™ in 4N
+ 10-volume* FLARE™ Developer
* Create a 10-volume by mixing equal parts 20-volume FLARE™ developer with distilled water.


Section from the top of one ear to the top of the other ear. Create a V-shaped section at the back of the head. The bottom of the V should meet at the occipital bone. Next, create a veil at the front of the head by taking a 1-inch section straight down the middle part.
Starting at the bottom back section, place 3 back-to-back foils in a brick lay pattern. Alternate between a weave and a slice and apply Formula A in the foils. Take into consideration the density of the hair to determine how many foils to add in the front section.
Apply Formula B from roots to ends and in between the foils. Time for 30 minutes.


  • FLARE™ in 5BB
  • FLARE™ in 4N
  • 20-volume FLARE™ Developer
  • 30-volume FLARE™ Developer
This Technique
Clairol Professional HOT CHOCOLATE Technique