Clairol Professional SIDESWEPT UPDO Technique


Shemmai has naturally curly hair with grown-out highlights. She wants a rich, warm hair color to complement her skin tone and look closer to her natural color. She likes to play with different hairstyles that require braiding, pinning and the use of heat styling tools, but she is concerned that this will damage her hair.

Clairol Professional SIDESWEPT UPDO Technique


Formula A
1 oz. Clairol Professional FLARE™ in 5BB
+ 1 oz. 20-volume FLARE™ developer
Formula B
Beautiful Collection Advanced Gray Solution in 3W


Section the front of the hair into 3 sections. Take medium-size slices throughout each section and apply Formula A in foils. Repeat this on all sections; when you get to the crown area, take a medium weave instead of a slice.
Apply Formula B in between the foils and through the ends. Process for 30 minutes without heat. Shampoo with Style Soothe Shampoo and Conditioner.
Use a medium-size boar’s hair bristle round brush to blow dry the hair straight.
Create 3 sections: one on each side of the head and another in the back.
Braid each section and secure each braid with a small rubber band.
Pin the back section into a side bun.
Twist one of the side braids and pin to the back bun.
Repeat with the other side braid.
Secure any loose pieces with hair pins and finish with Weather Resistant Hairspray.


  • FLARE™ 5BB
  • 20-volume FLARE Developer
  • Beautiful Collection Advanced Gray Solution 3W
  • Clairol Professional iThrive™ Style Soothe Shampoo
  • Clairol Professional iThrive Style Soothe Conditioner
  • Clairol Professional iThrive Weather Resistant Hairspray
This Technique
Clairol Professional SIDESWEPT UPDO Technique