Clairol Professional Sizzling Mocha Technique


Adriana loves her naturally dark brown hair and wants to spice it up with warm, golden tones. This technique will add face-framing highlights and an all-over dimensional color.

Clairol Professional Sizzling Mocha Technique


Formula A
Clairol Professional FLARE™ in 5GB
+ 30-volume FLARE™ Developer
Formula B
Clairol Professional FLARE™ in 5B
+ 20-volume FLARE™ Developer


Section from the top of one ear to the top of the other ear. Create a V-shaped section at the back of the head. The bottom of the V should meet at the occipital bone. Next, create a veil at the front of the head by taking a 1-inch section straight down the middle part.
Starting at the bottom back section, place 3 back-to-back foils in a brick lay pattern. Alternate between a weave and a slice and apply Formula A in the foils. Take into consideration the density of the hair to determine how many foils to add in the front section.
Apply Formula B from roots to ends and in between the foils. Time for 30 minutes.


Create this Clairol Professional look with:
  • FLARE™ in 6GB
  • FLARE™ in 5B
  • 30-volume FLARE™ Developer
  • 20-volume FLARE™ Developer
Don’t forget to pick up a cape, apron, foils, and a bowl and brush. PRINT
This Technique
Clairol Professional Sizzling Mocha Technique