Demi-Permanent Hair Color

Demi-permanent formulas are ideal for enhancing, refreshing or darkening har color (either natural or previously colored). These formulas generally last up to 6 weeks, so they offer less commitment than permanent hair color.

Common uses include:

  • Glazing
  • Refreshing previously tinted hair
  • Color correction

Clairol Professional premium crème demi permanente hair color is ammonia-free and mixes with a low-volume developer (1:1 ratio) to gently penetrate the cortex for deposit that lasts up to 6 weeks. Because the developer is dedicated and mild, the hair remains in optimal condition. Demi-permanent hair color is the fastest growing color category in the industry because of its versatility. It is excellent for glazing or for refreshing previously tinted hair for added vibrancy and shine, and is essential for color correction.

Clairol Professional premium crème demi permanente is the choice for refreshing the ends of previously tinted hair. Permanent hair color is applied to the regrowth only; then premium crème demi permanente is applied to the ends. Formulate 1-2 Levels lighter than target for a balanced result. Additionally, the use of Warm or Cool Mix Tones ensures an even tonal deposit on previously tinted, often faded and porous ends.

In the past, “soap caps” were done to refresh permanently tinted hair. This technique incorporates the permanent hair color formula used at the regrowth, water and shampoo. The results often become drab, muddy or browned out and the repeated exposure of ammonia to alkalized hair causes damage.

However, premium crème demi permanente features SOY4PLEX, which provides conditioning and healthy shine. It is available in 18 intermixable shades in 4 Tonal Pillars: Neutral, Ash, Gold and Red. Plus, there are 3 Mix Tones: Warm, Cool and Clear, for endless formulation possibilities.

Mix Tones

  • Clear Mix can dilute any formula to ensure even deposit even on porous hair. Used alone, Clear Mix may lift up to 1 Level.
  • Warm Mix is a Red-Orange base that can enhance red formulas or create copper tones when mixed with gold shades. Warm also adds rich warmth to any brunette formula.
  • Cool Mix is a Blue base that can drab any formula or create red violet tones when mixed with Reds.


Clairol Professional premium crème demi permanente may be applied to damp or dried hair. Timing is up to 30 minutes or 45 for optimum gray blending (up to 50%). Always strand test for timing. Thorough rinsing is necessary and the hair may be lightly shampooed and conditioned after.

Additional Advice

Clairol Professional premium crème demi permanente dedicated developer is a mild buffered formula, volume 10. This gentle formulation is recommended for best results with premium crème demi permanente color.

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Demi-Permanent Hair Color
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