Butter Blonde Technique

Butter Blonde

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Bailey has color-treated blonde hair with a few inches of darker blonde re-growth. She would like a warm, lighter blonde to enhance her skin and eye color. This technique creates tone-on-tone warm, buttery blonde with soft-focus layers and tons of shine.

Applying slices around the head will create a sense of contrast and movement in the hair for an overall blonde look with added interest.


Step by Step

Butter Blonde Technique Butter Blonde Technique

Step 1: Apply crème permanente Formula 1 to re-growth only, using a bowl-and-brush. Avoid overlapping onto the previously color-treated hair. Time 45 minutes for maximum hi-lift. Rinse, shampoo, condition and towel dry the hair.

Step 2: Along the top and sides, place vertical panels of crème demi permanente color, alternating crème demi permanente Formulas 2, 3, and 4. The sections should be thin enough to see through, so that you create a softly layered, tone-on-tone result. Use foils to separate the different formulas.

Step 3: On all free hair, apply crème demi permanente Formula 4. The crème demi permanente SOY4PLEX™ formula will make Bailey’s hair look healthy and feel conditioned with lots of dimensional tone and shine. Time 30 minutes. Rinse, shampoo and condition.

Formula 1 2 oz. crème permanente 12G
+ 4 oz. 20-volume crème permanente developer
Formula 2 1-1/2 oz. crème demi permanente 7G
+ 1/2 oz. crème demi permanente 7N
+ 2 oz. crème demi permanente developer
Formula 3 Equal parts crème demi permanente 7G
+ crème demi permanente developer
Formula 4 Equal parts crème demi permanente 10G
+ crème demi permanente developer

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