Brunette Formulations from Anita


LOOK & LEARN What you need to know to color and style like a pro.

Anita Gutierrez, Clairol Professional Lead Color Top Artist

What can be more beautiful than a deep, rich, lustrous brunette hair color? Try this formulating tip for all your brunette clients: Just add 1/2 oz. of a neutral-based shade to your brunette formula. You'll eliminate brassy tones, cover pesky grays, and maintain rich shine!

Choosing Permanent Brunette Shades

Easy choice: Stay within 1 to 2 Levels of your client's natural color; a little lighter is flattering to most people.
To transform gray into highlights, choose a color 2 or 3 shades lighter than client's natural color.

Keeping Brunettes Gorgeous

If brassy tones creep in, from roots to ends, neutralize them with this demi color formula:
  1. Clairol Professional crème demi permanente 6A Dark Cool Blonde
  2. Clairol Professional crème demi permanente dedicated developer

Every time you retouch and refresh, these simple tips keep brunettes rich and shiny: