For millions of women, the name Clairol Professional is synonymous with beautiful hair color and healthy-looking hair. With our long history, we’re no strangers to innovation, creating and building the hair coloring industry. Equipped with the latest technology and tools, and through training and educating generations of stylists, Clairol Professional has revolutionized hair color, one salon at a time.

We’ve also watched Miss Clairol evolve. From iconic ‘dos to a few hair don’ts, these are the milestones that made us what we are today.

Introduced in the 00s: Clairol Professional crème permanente and crème demi permanenete, Beautiful Collection’s Advanced Gray solution.

Tech Savvy

Clairol Professional enters the digital age with a new website, a new resource for stylists and consumers. Stylists enjoy two new collections. Kaleidocolors creates gorgeous, toned highlights in 10 minutes, while Textures & Tones delivers rich permanent color with vibrant shine and complements African-American skin tones.

Hair Color Chameleons

Clairol Professional gives women the chance to change their hair color at every whim with the introduction of an array of hair coloring products—including those that are ammonia-free and relaxer-friendly. In this decade, over 60,000 stylists experience hands-on color education.

Introduced in the 80s: Gray Busters, Second Nature, Jazzing, Shimmer Lights and Beautiful Collection.

Carefree Color

Continuing in the mission to give women more color options, Clairol Professional develops new products and services. Stylists are able to give their clients even more choices: Brunettes can become blondes, gray hair is completely covered and new toning colors create soft, delicate shades.

The Go-To Guide for Stylists

The first edition of the Clairol Professional Encyclopedia of Haircoloring is published, quickly becoming the authoritative reference for stylists. The revolutionary book includes information on hair color theory, products and techniques. Basic white also makes its debut.

“Only her hairdresser knows”

Clairol Professional continues to be a pioneer in the salon color industry, opening the Clairol Institute of Haircoloring. To the satisfaction of hair color clients, Clairol Professional continues to educate hairdressers on hair color technique and artistry. Everyone is kept guessing, “does she…or doesn’t she?

Start the COLOR revolution

Salon hair color grows by 500% with the introduction of the single-step Miss Clairol Hair Color Bath. The revolutionary product tints, lightens, conditions and shampoos in only 20 minutes. Women everywhere emerge from beauty salons with beautiful, new, natural-looking hair. Keeping stylists at the heart of the industry, the first training workshops are held at Clairol headquarters in NYC.

Paris to NYC

On a trip to Paris in 1931, Lawrence M. Gelb discovers Clairol. Returning to the U.S., he introduces Clairol Oil Shampoo Tint, the first color shampoo. The hair color industry is never the same. Gelb and his wife travel across the country, educating hairdressers on the product, resulting in a new generation of raving clients.