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If I have a result that is too warm, how can I cool or drab the formula?

Add 1/2 oz. of a violet-based color to the formula at the same or similar Level.

Why do high-lift blondes sometimes look very gold?

If you are applying a high-lift blonde to a natural color that is deeper than a Level 5-Lightest Brown, you will see warmth in the final result. In addition, coarse hair will also work against you during the lightening process, as it is more resistant.

Why do the ends of a high-lift blonde sometimes turn gray or ash?

Blonde hair can be very fragile and porous. Never pull through a high-lift blonde shade to the ends, as it will discolor the hair. Sometimes (even during rinsing) it helps to protect the hair with a heavy conditioner, shaft to ends.

In a double-process application, why does the re-growth come out lighter than the shaft and ends?

The scalp area will always process faster because of the presence of body heat. You must go back to the other areas and reapply lightener until the result matches the re-growth area. It is safe to use up to two applications of a lightener on the shaft and ends in one day.

How are toners used?

Toners are used after hair has been pre-lightened to add soft, delicate tone to the freshly lightened hair.

What Clairol Professional products are toners, or can be used as toners?

Crème Permanente 10V and crème demi permanente.

What do you mix toners with?

Mix one part Crème Permanente 10V with two parts 10-volume Pure White Crème Developer. Mix crème demi permanente with equal parts demi permanente Developer.

What is the processing time?

Process up to 15 minutes. Check color development every 5 minutes.

Sometimes a toner looks like it is going dark as soon as I apply it. Should I take it off?

No, take a wet towel and wipe a small strand to test. It is very common that toners look like they are processing darker than the expected result.

Can I reapply a toner on a double process if it fades out before the client is due for a retouch?

Yes, this will add more tone to the hair. Reevaluate the toner formula if it is fading fast. You may have to take it slightly deeper. You can add 1/2 oz. of a deeper color to the formula.

Why does hair color on relaxed hair seem too light?

Hair color on relaxed hair may come up lighter or warmer than expected. Select the next darker shade for better results.

How can I keep dark brown hair from turning "brassy"?

If you are using a permanent color, select an ash base (green, blue or blue-violet) to counterbalance unwanted warmth, and (if you are covering gray at the same time) add at least ½ to 1 oz. of a neutral-based color to the formula at the same or a similar Level.

After a relaxer, my client's hair color is lighter. What color can I use to solve this problem without damaging her hair?

Beautiful Collection semi-permanent, Jazzing, crème demi permanente or Radiance can be used. Remember, formulate one Level lighter since relaxed hair is extra porous. Check color result every 5 minutes.